D. Atencio, A.C. Roberts, P.A. Matioli, J.A.R. Stirling, K.E. Venance, W. Doherty, C.J. Stanley, R. Rowe, G.J.C. Carpenter, and J.M.V. Coutinho (2008) Brumadoite, a new copper tellurate hydrate, from Brumado, Bahia, Brazil. Mineral. Mag., 72, 1201–1205.

Brumadoite occurs as a late fracture-filling mineral in coarse-grained magnesite at the Pedra Preta mine, Serra das Éguas, Brumado, Bahia, Brazil. It occurs as microcrystalline aggregates on, and as psuedomorphs after magnesite. It is platy, subhedral, with individual crystals 1–2 μm in size, or in crusts up to 100 μm thick. The mineral is blue, with a pale blue streak, is vitreous, transparent to...

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