Eskolaite associated with diamond from the Udachnaya kimberlite pipe, Yakutia, Russia by A.M. Logvinova, R. Wirth, N.V. Sobolev, Y.V. Seryotkin, E.S. Yefimova, C. Floss, and L.A. Taylor (vol. 93, p. 685–690, 2008: Erratum DOI 10.2138/ am.2008.523).

The authors regret that some of the spectra in Figure 22 of this paper were incorrect, as kindly pointed out by Eric Essene (U of Mich.). Specifically, Fig. 2B2, the Ti-phase had an incorrect spectrum due to a drafting error, and the scale bars on all spectra were slightly shifted. The correct Figure 22 and caption are below....

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