A.A. Barresi, P. Orlandi, P. Pasero, M. Pasero (2007) History of ardennite and the new mineral ardennite-(V). Eur. J. Mineral., 19, 581–587.

Ardennite-(V) is from an outcrop in the locality of Sparone, Locana Valley (TO), Piedmont, Italy found in a specimen of piemontite-bearing mica schist. Ardennite-(V) occurs only in one thin quartzitic layer in the studied specimens and are associated with quartz, piemontite, and hematite; muscovite is abundant in the specimen, but not in direct contact with ardennite-(V). Other layers are very rich in piemontite or, alternatively, in golden-yellow muscovite and hematite, without any ardennite-(V). It occurs as acicular crystals,...

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