J. Viñals, J.L. Jambor, M. Raudsepp, A.C. Roberts, J.D. Grice, M. Kokinos, and W.S. Wise (2008) Barahonaite-(Al) and barahonaite-(Fe), new Ca-Cu arsenate mineral species from Murcia province, Southeastern Spain, and Gold Hill, Utah. Can. Mineral., 46, 205–217.

Barahonite-(Fe) and barahonite-(Al) were found at the Dolores prospect near Pastrana, Murcia province, northern Spain. Barahonite-(Al) is also found at the Gold Hill Mine in Toole County, western Utah. At the Dolores prospect, the new minerals occur in a small lens of sulfides that have been completely oxidized to an assembly of 25 supergene minerals. Associated minerals include arsenocrandallite, arsenogoyazite, conichalcite, cobaltarthurite, chlorargyrite,...

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