J.L. Jambor, A.C. Roberts, L.A. Groat, C.J. Stanley, A.J. Criddle, and M.N. Feinglos (2007) Calvertite, Cu5Ge0.5S4 , a new mineral species from Tsumeb, Namibia. Can. Mineral., 45, 1519–1523.

Calvertite was discovered during the examination of another new mineral (gallobeaudanite) from the Tsumeb mine. The un-oxidized portions of the sample in which calvertite was found consist mainly of calvertite and reinerite with minor tennantite and gallite inclusions. Calvertite occurs in a granular texture formed by a network of chalcocite veins. The calvertite grains are anhedral, elongate to elliptical with the largest grains up to 100 μm...

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