R.K. Rastsvetayeva, A.G. Ivanova and A.P. Khomyakov (2006) Modular structure of hypermanganese eudialyte. Dokl. Akad. Nauk, 410, 101–105 (in Russian); Dokl. Earth Sci., 410, 1075–1079 (in English).

An apparently new member of the eudialyte group, conditionally designated “eudialyte 3248” has been found in intimate intergrowths with alluaivite at the Lovozero massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia. It has a low iron content (0.5 oxide wt%), and high contents of Mn and S. The empirical formula of the mineral is Na94–102.4K1.5–1.92Sr3.2–3.8Ba0.37Ce2.5–2.9Y0.93–1.20Al0.12–0.18 Ca25.9–27.9Zr16.8–18.1Hf0.09–0.15Fe0.96–1.26Mn...

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