G. Raade, T. Balic-Žunic (2006) The crystal structure of (Be,□)(V,Ti)3O6, a mineral related to kyzylkumite. Can. Mineral., 44, 1147–1158.

The unnamed mineral that was investigated is found at the Byrud emerald mine, in Eidsvoll, Akershus, southern Norway. The mineralization is associated with syenitic pegmatites that transect Cambrian black shales and Permian trachytic dikes. The mineral occurs as inclusions in feldspar and quartz with Ta- and Nb-rich rutile, as well as V-rich rutile. The crystals are prismatic, needle- or lath-shaped, up to 1 mm in length and are commonly striated as a result of polysynthetic twinning. The...

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