I.V. Pekov, N.V. Chukanov, N.A. Yamnova, A.E. Zadov, P. Tarassoff (2007) Gjerdingenite-Na and Gjerdingenite-Ca, two new mineral species of the Labuntsovite Group.

Both minerals are found in peralkaline pegmatites related to agpaitic feldspathoidal syenites and both are alteration products of vuonnemite. Gjerdingenite-Na was collected in a hydrothermally altered pegmatite cutting a nepheline syenite at the De-Mix (now Poudrette) quarry, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec. It is a fairly abundant constituent of vuggy regions of the pegmatite. Associated minerals are microcline, albite, aegirine (early coarse prismatic, and late acicular), analcime, a eudialyte-group mineral, natrolite, epistolite, polylithionite, steacyite, thorite, ekanite, brockite, fluorapatite, yofortierite, calcite,...

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