The 17O NMR spectra of glasses quenched from melts at high pressure are often difficult to interpret due to overlapping peaks and lack of crystalline model compounds. High-pressure aluminosilicate glasses often contain significant amounts of [5]Al and [6]Al, thus these high-pressure glasses must contain oxygen bonded to high-coordinated aluminum. The 17O NMR parameters for the minerals jadeite, pyrope, grossular, and mullite are presented to assist interpretation of glass spectra and to help test quantum chemical calculations. The 17O NMR parameters for jadeite and grossular support previous peak assignments of oxygen bonded to Si and high-coordinated Al in high-pressure glasses as well as quantum chemical calculations. The oxygen tricluster in mullite is very similar to the previously observed tricluster in grossite (CaAl4O7) and suspected triclusters in glasses. We also present 27Al NMR spectra for pyrope, grossular, and mullite.

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