J. Sejkora, P. Novotný, M. Novák, V. Šrein, P. Berlepsch (2005) Calciopetersite from DomaŠov nad Bystřicí, northern Moravia, Czech Republic, a new mineral species of the mixite group. Can. Mineral., 43, 1393–1400.

Calciopetersite forms translucent to transparent minute acicular crystals, up to 0.4 mm in length and 5–20 μm in width, with a hexagonal outline, clustered in fine radiating sprays (up to 0.1–0.5 mm). The mineral is brittle and soft (hardness not measured), olive green, light olive green streak, vitreous, nonfluorescent, with uneven fracture and no observed cleavage. Calciopetersite is pleochroic, light green with yellowish tint (O) to dark green...

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