P. Orlandi, M. Pasero (2006) Allanite-(La) from Buca della Vena mine, Apuan Alps, Italy, an epidote-group mineral. Can. Mineral., 44, 523–531.

Allanite-(La) is found in close association with calcite and barite in barite veins that cut a dolomitic metamorphosed limestone in the Castello zone of the Buca della Vena mine, near Stazzema, Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy. It occurs as prismatic crystals, elongated along [010], up to 2–3 mm in length. The mineral is well crystallized and not metamict, with principal forms {001}, {100}, {101}, {101̅}, {210}, and {011}. It is brittle, H = 6, transparent to translucent, black with brownish...

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