A.C. Roberts, T.M. Seward, E. Reusser, G.J.C. Carpenter, J.D. Grice, S.M. Clark, M.A. Marcus (2004) Eyselite, Fe3+Ge4+3O7(OH), a new mineral species from Tsumeb, Namibia. Can. Mineral., 42, 1771–1776.

Eyselite occurs as very fine-grained aggregates of platy to very thin prismatic, subhedral to euhedral, partly hollow crystals that are elongate [001] with a length-to-width ratio about 3:1 and up to 20 μm in length. Forms are {100} major, very thin {010}, rounded {011}, and very thin rounded {001} minor, with growth steps on {100}. Dirty brown-yellow (aggregates) to yellow-tan (crystals) color, opaque (aggregates) to...

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