Karpenko, V.Yu., Pautov, L.A., Sokolova, E.V., Hawthorne, F.G., Agakhanov, A.A., Dikaya, T.V., Bekenova, G.K. (2004) Ankinovichite, the nickel analogue of alvanite, a new mineral from Kurumsak (Kazakhstan) and Kara-Chagyr (Krygyzstan). Zapiski Vseross. Mineral. Obshch. 133(2), 59–70 (in Russian, English abstract).

Ankinovichite is described from two localities—Kurumsak, Chminken Oblysy, Kazakhstan, and Mount Kara-Chagyr, Osh Oblast, Krygyzstan). The material from Kurumsak occurs as crusts of prismatic, pale green, elongate crystals up to 0.5 mm. The material from Mount Kara-Chagyr occurs as green to light blue, tabular, commonly elongate crystals 0.05 to 0.2 mm in length. The crystals often occur in aggregates, and...

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