A.C. Roberts, J.A.R. Stirling, A.J. Criddle, G.E. Dunning, J. Spratt (2004) Aurivilliusite, Hg2+Hg1+OI, a new mineral species from the Clear Creek claim, San Benito County, California, USA. Mineral. Mag., 68, 241–245.

Electron microprobe analysis gave HgO 40.10, Hg2O 38.62, I 22.76, Br 0.22, Cl 0.06, O ≡ I,Br,Cl 1.46, sum 100.30 wt%, corresponding to Hg2+1.00Hg1+1.00O1.01(I0.97Br0.01Cl0.01)∑0.99 for O +I + Br + Cl = 2 and with Hg2+ and Hg1+ partitioned in accordance with the synthetic analog. The...

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