A.M. McDonald, G.Y. Chao (2005) Bobtraillite, (Na,Ca)13Sr11 (Zr,Y,Nb)14Si42B6O132(OH)12·12H2O, a new mineral species from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec: Description, structure determination and relationship to benitoite and wadeite. Can. Mineral., 43, 747–758.

The mineral generally occurs as blocky to prismatic crystals, elongated along [001], up to 2 mm and averaging <0.5 mm in length. The crystals are brittle, H = 5.5, transparent, commonly gray to brown in color, with a white streak, vitreous luster, no observable cleavage, and uneven to conchoidal fracture. Bobtraillite is nonpleochroic, uniaxial positive, with...

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