OH stretching vibration modes for F-rich natural topaz (F-topaz) and for fully hydrated topaz (topaz-OH) synthesized at high pressure, were observed using IR and Raman spectroscopies at pressures up to 30.4 GPa and 17.3 GPa, respectively. In F-topaz, the pressure derivative of the frequency of the OH stretching band observed at 3650 cm−1 at ambient pressure was 0.91(3) cm−1/GPa, which was consistent with the value recently reported by Bradbury and Williams (2003). On the other hand, in topaz-OH, the pressure derivatives of the bands initially at 3599 and 3522 cm−1 were −5.2(2) and −2.56(6) cm−1/GPa, respectively. This contrasting behavior between the two forms of topaz at high pressures suggests that the OH substitution for F in topaz affects the hydrogen-bonding behavior under high pressure.

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