In a previous paper by the writers2 on some new specimens of rhodonite from Franklin Furnace, New Jersey, attention was called to a mineral referred to as a hydrous manganese silicate which however could not be identified, optically, as any known mineral. This material was present in very small amounts on two pieces of the rhodonite submitted for examination by Mr. Frederick A. Canfield, on one specimen presented to the Museum by Colonel Roebling and on one submitted for identification by Ward’s Natural Science Establishment. Only the latter specimen contained enough of the unknown mineral to warrant a quantitative chemical analysis but only at the sacrifice of the entire specimen. Mr. R. B. Gage manifested an enthusiastic interest in learning the identity of the material arid offered to purchase the specimen and surrender it for analysis. The matter was taken up with Mr. George L. English who, after consultation with Mr. Ward, informed the writers that the Establishment would be pleased to contribute the specimen for the purpose of the investigation.

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