A.P. Kohmyakov, V.D. Dusmatov, G. Ferraris, A. Gula, G. Ivaldi, G.N. Nechelyustov (2003) Zirsilite-(Ce), (Na,□)12(Ce,Na)3 Ca6Mn3Zr3Nb(Si25O73)(OH)3(CO3)•H2O, and carbokentbrooksite (Na, □)12(Na,Ce)3Ca6Mn3Zr3Nb(Si25O73)(OH)3(CO3)•H2O —two new eudialyte-group minerals from the Dara-i-Pioz alkaline massif, Tajikistan. Zapiski Vseross. Mineral. Obshch., 132(5), 40–51 (in Russian, English abs.).

The minerals occur as zoned rhombohedral crystals, up to 2 cm across, wherein yellow carbokentbrooksite forms the core and creamy zirsilite-(Ce)...

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