K. Walenta, T. Theye (2004) Agardite-(Ce) of the Clara mine in the central Black Forest. Aufschluss, 55, 17–23 (in German, English abs.).

The mineral occurs as light green to yellowish green acicular crystals, up to 0.5 mm long and 0.01 mm thick, commonly in radial aggregates. Electron microprobe analysis gave CaO 1.21, CuO 42.91, Fe2O3 0.39, Ce2O3 4.99, La2O3 2.32, Nd2O3 2.38, Sm2O3 0.56, Gd2O3 0.52, Eu2O3 0.26, Dy2O3 0.18, Y2O3 0.91, As...

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