A.C. Roberts, M.A. Cooper, F.C. Hawthorne, R.A. Gault, J.D. Grice, A.J. Nikischer (2003) Artsmithite, a new Hg1+–Al phosphate–hydroxide from the Funderburk prospect, Pike County, Arkansas, U.S.A. Can. Mineral., 41, 721–725.

Electron microprobe analysis gave Hg2O 78.28, Al2O3 5.02, P2O5 11.39, H2O (calc.) 1.63, sum 96.32 wt%, from which the structure-derived formula corresponds to Hg1+4.00Al1.05P1.71O8.74H1.78, generalized as Hg4Al(PO4)2−x(OH)1+3x, where x = 0.26. The mineral occurs as a matted...

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