H. Dong, D.R. Peacor, R.J. Merriman, S.J. Kemp (2002) Brinrobertsite: a new R1 interstratified pyrophyllite/smectite-like clay mineral: characterization and geological origin. Mineral. Mag., 66, 605–617.

Energy-dispersion analyses (not given) and TGA results correspond to (Na0.22K0.07Ca0.06)∑0.35(Al3.81Mg0.08Fe0.08)∑3.97(Si7.84Al0.16)∑8.00O20(OH)4•3.54H2O for O = 22, simplified as (Na,K,Ca)x(Al,Mg,Fe)4(Si,Al)8O20(OH)4•3.54H2O, where x = 0.35. Clay-like appearance, gray to yellowish gray color, translucent, gray streak, H = 1, perfect...

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