A.Y. Kunov, R.A. Nakov, C.D. Stanchev (2002) First agardite-(Y), -(Nd), -(La) find in Bulgaria. Neues Jahrb. Mineral. Mon., 107–116.

The mineral occurs as green radial aggregates, up to 2 mm across, consisting of hexagonal prismatic crystals. One of three listed Nd-dominant analyses has CaO 0.55, CuO 42.22, PbO 7.01, Y2O3 1.37, Nd2O3 3.12, La2O3 1.92, H2O by difference [11.90], sum 100 wt%. The listed X-ray powder pattern is similar to that of agardite-(Y).

The general formula of the agardite-type minerals is ACu6(AsO4)3(OH)6...

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