F.C. Hawthorne, M.A. Cooper, J.D. Grice, A.C. Roberts, N. Hubbard (
) Description and crystal structure of bobkingite, Cu2+5Cl2(OH)8(H2O)2, a new mineral from New Cliffe Hill Quarry, Stanton-under-Bardon, Leicestershire, U.K.
Mineral. Mag.

The mineral occurs as pale blue plates, <5 μm thick and up to 200 μm across. Electron microprobe analysis gave CuO 70.46, Cl 12.71, H2O (from crystal-structure determination) 19.19, O ≡ Cl 2.87, sum 99.49 wt%, corresponding to Cu4.99Cl2.02(OH)8(H2O)2....

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