Titanites previously reported from high-pressure rocks commonly contain high Al and F contents. This finding has led previous workers to conclude that high Al and F in titanite can expand its stability field to high-pressure and ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) conditions. In this study, a coesite inclusion was identified in titanite of aragonite- and jadeite-bearing gneiss from the Dabieshan UHP metamorphic terrane of eastern China. We also found UHP titanite in carbonate-bearing garnet clinopyroxenite from the Sulu UHP terrane. Interestingly, both types of the UHP titanite mentioned above contain low Al and F contents. Therefore, our data indicate that the high-Al and F contents are not necessary criteria for stabilizing titanite to UHP conditions. It is inferred that the UHP titanite formed via the reaction TiO2 + CaCO3 + SiO2 = CaTiSiO5 + CO2, and that the presence of the UHP assemblage aragonite + rutile + clinopyroxene + coesite in the host rock and a very low XCO2 value in the coexisting fluid are crucial conditions for the formation of these UHP titanites.

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