L.C. Basciano, L.A. Groat, A.C. Roberts, R.A. Gault, G.E. Dunning, R.E. Walstrom (2001) Bigcreekite: a new barium silicate mineral species from Fresno County, California. Can. Mineral., 39, 761–768.

Four listed electron microprobe analyses, with high totals because of water loss, average Na2O 0.11, CaO 0.03, SrO 0.02, BaO 48.88, SiO2 38.16, H2O (calc.) 22.94, sum 110.14 wt%, corresponding to Ba1.00Na0.01Si2.00O5•4H2O, ideally BaSi2O5•4H2O. Occurs as white to colorless, millimeters-long, subhedral tabular grains, elongate [100]. Brittle, white streak, vitreous to pearly...

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