W.H. Paar, D. Topa, A.C. Roberts, A.J. Criddle, G. Amann, R.J. Sureda (2002) The new mineral species brodtkorbite, Cu2HgSe2, and the associated selenide assemblage from Tuminico, Sierra de Cacho, La Rioja, Argentina. Can. Mineral., 40, 225–237.

Electron microprobe analyses gave Cu 26.2, Hg 40.7, Se 32.9, sum 99.8 wt%, corresponding to Cu2.00Hg0.98Se2.02, ideally Cu2HgSe2. The mineral occurs as dark gray individual anhedral grains, up to 50 × 100 μm, and as aggregates to 150 × 250 μm. Metallic luster, brittle, dark gray streak, no cleavage or...

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