S.V. Malinko, N.V. Chukanov, V.T. Dubinchuk, A.E. Zadov, E.V. Koporulina (2001) Buryatite, Ca3(Si,Fe3+,Al)[SO4] [B(OH)4](OH)5O•12H2O, a new mineral. Zap. Vseross. Mineral. Obshch., 130(2), 72–78 (in Russian, English abs.).

The mineral forms lenticular and streaky segregations, up to 3 × 10 mm, of finely dispersed particles, iridescent platelets, and rare tabular crystals up to 10 μm across. Dominant forms are {001} and {100}. Electron microprobe analysis gave CaO 25.88, SiO2 5.60, B2O3 (atomic emission spectroscopy) 5.7, Fe2O3 2.20, Al2O3 0.75,...

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