Experimental study of intracrystalline Fe2+-Mg exchange in three augite crystals: Effect of composition on geothermometric calibration by Elisabetta Brizi, Gianmario Molin, and Pier Francesco Zanazzi (v. 85, page 1375–1382, 2000).

Table 51 was omitted from this article by mistake. We apologize for any confusion and inconvenience.


A simple inorganic process for formation of carbonates, magnetite, and sulfides in Martian meteroite ALH84001 by D.C. Golden, Douglas W. Ming, Craig S. Schwandt, Howard V. Lauer Jr., Richard A. Socki, Richard V. Morris, Gary E. Lofgren, and Gordon A. McKay (v. 86, pages 370–375, 2001).


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