Before publication, minerals marked with an asterisk were approved by the Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names, International Mineralogical Association.

R.P. Liferovich, Y.A. Pakhomovsky, O.V. Yakubovich, W. Massa, K. Laajoki, S. Gehör, A.N. Bogdanova, N.V. Sorokhtina (2000) Bakhchisaraitsevite, Na2Mg5[PO4]4·7H2O, a new mineral from hydrothermal assemblages related to phoscorite—carbonatite complex of the Kovdor massif, Russia. Neues Jahrb. Mineral. Mon., 402–418.

O.V. Yakubovich, W. Massa, R.P. Liferovich, Y.A. Pakhomovsky (2000) The crystal structure of bakhchisaraitsevite, [Na2(H2O)2]{(Mg4.5Fe0.5)(PO4)4(H...

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