N.V. Chukanov, D.I. Belakovsky, S.V. Malinko, N.I. Organova (2000) Dashkovaite Mg(HCO3)2·2H2O — A new formate mineral. Zapiski Vseross. Mineral. Obshch., 129(6), 49–53 (in Russian, English abs.).

Chemical analysis gave C 16.2, H 3.9, Mg 16.4, Mn (by electron microprobe) 0.2, O (by difference) 63.3, sum 100 wt%, corresponding to Mg1.00Mn0.01H5.74C2.00O5.87, ideally Mg(HCO3)2 2H2O. The mineral occurs as white, fibrous aggregates in hydrothermal veinlets, up to 1 mm in width, wherein the fibers are up to 3 mm long and...

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