We present 17O MAS NMR data for crystalline calcium dialuminate (grossite), CaAl4O7 and monoaluminate, CaAl2O4. The first of these contains an oxygen tricluster site and serves as a model compound for sites of this type in aluminosilicate glasses. Tricluster site NMR parameters are distinct from those of bridging O atoms (Al-O-Al), allowing partial resolution in triple quantum MAS NMR spectra. Such spectra for calcium aluminosilicate glasses are consistent with the presence of a small fraction of tricluster sites. Observed chemical shifts for non-bridging oxygen (NBO) atoms in an impurity phase in the CaAl2O4 sample are distinct from those for NBO in Caaluminosilicate glasses, indicating that the latter are primarily bonded to Si, not Al.

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