Amphiboles were synthesized at 1.5 kbar PH2O and 850 °C along the join pargasite-fluoropargasite. Structural variations in the amphibole as a function of F have been characterized by a combination of SEM-EDS, X-ray powder diffraction, and infrared spectroscopy. SEM-EDS analyses show that, for increasing F in the system, there is a decrease in Altot in the amphibole and a significant decrease of F incorporation in the structure. In agreement with the EDS data, the variation in cell parameters and IR spectra show that incorporation of F in pargasite is restricted to about 1.0 atoms per formula unit (apfu). The OH-stretching spectra show fine structure caused by F replacing OH at the O3 anion site, and are consistent with two-mode behavior typical of A-site-filled amphiboles. The agreement between calculated and observed relative band intensities suggests complete short-range disorder of OH and F at the O3 anion site.

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