Nine tourmaline crystals for which major and minor element composition data are available have been examined by single-crystal X-ray structure refinement. The single crystals were then analyzed for major elements (by electron microprobe methods), Fe (super 3+) /Fe (super 2+) (by synchrotron micro X-ray absorption near-edge spectroscopy), B and Li (by secondary ion mass spectrometry), and bulk H content (by uranium extraction). Despite recent claims based on chemical analyses, structure analysis suggests that no B exists in tetrahedral coordination in these samples. Analysis of cation ordering between the Y and Z octahedral sites suggests that the occurrence of an Fe (super 2+) atom on a Y octahedral site may be locally associated with the absence of Mg at both of the neighboring Z sites, as substitutions of Fe (super 2+) on Y and Mg on Z require antithetic shifts of the O6 anion.

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