For a number of years there has existed in Washington an informal organization known as the Petrologists’ Club, before which numerous papers on petrology and allied sciences have been presented and critically discussed, to the advantage of all concerned. Early in 1923 several mineralogists talked over the desirability of organizing a similar society at which papers of more directly mineralogical nature might be similarly presented and informally discussed. W. F. Foshag agreed to act as Secretary, and sent out a number of invitations for a meeting at the residence of W. T. Schaller, 1637 R. St. N. W., on the evening of Friday, February 23rd, 1923. Braving the coldest weather of the winter, the following 13 mineralogists were present, thus expressing their approval of the formation of this society: W. S. Burbank, W. F. Foshag, H. Insley, E. S. Larsen, H. E. Merwin, C. S. Ross, E. B. Sampson, W. T. Schaller, F. C. Schrader, G. Steiger, E. T. Wherry, R. W. G. Wyckoff, and T. D. Shipton of Hanover, 111., a member of the Mineralogical Society of America, visiting in Washington.

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