The structures of the natural zeolite garronite, NaCa2.5Al6Si10O32·13H2O, from Goble, Oregon, and Fara Vicentina, Italy, have been determined and refined by X-ray powder diffraction methods with the use of the full-profile Rietveld technique. The framework topology has the gismondine structure type (GIS), although the topological symmetry I41/amd is lowered to I4m2. Cell dimensions are Goble, a = 9.9266(2), c = 10.3031(3) Å; Fara Vicentina, a = 9.8712(2), c = 10.2987(3) Å. The space group assumed in the refinements accounts for the presence in the garronite powder pattern of reflections violating the d glide extinctions. Deviation from the maximum framework symmetry can be explained in terms of cation and H2O arrangements in the zeolitic cavities.

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