A sample of Amelia albite was cleaved in air and the (010) surface was subsequently imaged with an atomic force microscope. Detailed images, down to a scale of 30 × 30 Å, show that the surface is composed of six-sided, interconnected, en-echelon rings. Taking into account the number of O atoms (32 per unit cell) and their large ionic radii, we assume that the structures imaged represent O rings. Using Fourier transforms of the surface scans, we obtained two primary nearest neighbor distances: 4.7 and 4.9 ± 0.5 Å. By superimposing a (010) bulk structure projection onto an image, we were able to directly compare the surface structure with that of the bulk. The close superposition agreement between the ring structures in the AFM images and the projections indicates that the surface configuration of atoms is close to an ideal termination of the bulk structure.

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