The relationship between chemical composition and interplanar spacing d001 for chlorite minerals has been determined by multiple regression analysis using data for 98 natural chlorite samples (trioctahedral, di,trioctahedral and dioctahedral). The regression equation is
d001(Å)=14.3590.0905[4]Al0.035[6]Al0.0201 Fe2++0.0938 Cr3++0.0283 Mn2+0.0519 Li+
with the compositional variables as number of atoms per half formula unit, i.e., per O10(OH)8. The multiple R factor for the regression is 0.883, and the standard error of estimation is 0.032. The predictions from the equation above are compared with those from other equations formerly used, and it is concluded that the expression proposed here is best suited for chlorite compositions of the tri-, di,tri-, or dioctahedral series.
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