Major element and trace element compositions of whole rocks, mineral compositions, and Rb-Sr isotopic compositions of enclave and host granitoid pairs from the Early Cretaceous, calc-alkaline Turtle pluton of southeastern California suggest that the local environment profoundly affects some enclave types. In the Turtle pluton, where the source of fine-grained, mafic enclaves can be deduced to be magmatic by the presence of partially disaggregated basaltic dikes, mineral chemistry suggests partial or complete local equilibrium among mineral species in the enclave and its host granitoid. Because of local Rb-Sr isotopic equilibration between fine-grained enclaves and host granitoid, one cannot use Sr isotopes to distinguish an enclave source independent of its host rocks from an enclave source related to the enclosing pluton. However, preliminary Nd isotopic data suggest an independent, mantle source for enclaves.

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