A program using single-pagee lectronic-spreadsheetet mplates has been developed for Microsoft EXCEL version 1.5 on an Apple Macintosh SE computer or Microsoft EXCEL version 2.0 for the MS DOS environment to facilitate the efrcient calculation of unit‐cell parameters for each of the six crystal systems. Input can be as simple as wavelengths of the radiation used and a set of up to 40 indexed 2θ values for well‐defined reflections. Output includes both direct and reciprocal cell parameters refined by the methods of least‐squarese, stimated standard errors of the cell parameters, d observed and calculated, and Q(hkl) observed and calculated, as well as Δd and ΔQ. Individual hkl's can be quickly modified, and systematic errors in 2θ can be corrected. Refined data for a monoclinic amphibole, kaersutite, from the Cima volcanic field located in the eastern Mojave Desert in California are presented and compared with results of the 1973 Appleman‐ Evans cell‐parameter program run on a MS DOS system.

The templates‐one for each crystal sysltem‐are ideal for instruction in mineralogy, X‐ray ditrraction, or computer applications and programming in geology and are well suited for research. In either the Macintosh or MS DOS environments, one simply opens the excel application and a least‐squares template for the required crystal system and substitutes new data (2θ and hkl) for the given example data. These six templates along with operational documentation are public domain and are available from the authors.

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