Multivariate analysis of variance and discriminant analysis were used to study the relation between genesis and chemical composition of zeolites. Three hundred and three chemical analyses for 10 chemical elements (Na, K, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, Fe3+, Al, Si, H2O) of the mineralogical families: heulandite, chabazite, erionite, phillipsite and analcime, 164 of hydrothermal and 139 of sedimentary genesis respectively were considered. Discriminant analysis showed a strong chemical differentiation between the two geneses for all five families; 95% of the samples are classified in the right genesis by the discriminant functions. Si and Al were important discriminating factors for all the families. The discriminant weight of the other elements varied strongly in the different families. Considering genesis only, 83% of the samples are correctly classified by the discriminant analysis. The difference between this value and 95% of the samples correctly classified when the families are separately examined is explained by the strong interaction between genesis and family shown by multivariate analysis of variance. Of the 10 elements considered only Na appeared unrelated to genesis.

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