Kambaldaite has the ideal composition Na2Ni8(CO3)6(OH)6 · 6H2O. It is hexagonal, space group P63, with a = 10.340Å and c = 6.097Å; Z = 1. Strongest X-ray powder diffraction lines are: 9.03(10)(1010), 4.490(9)(2020), 3.613(4)(2021), 2.681(4)(3031), 2.584(4)(2240), 2.519(4)(2022) and 2.263(4)(2132). The mineral occurs as needles and prismatic crystals elongated along c, as well as cryptocrystalline masses. Uniaxial positive, with ω = 1.65 and = 1.69. Kambaldaite is emerald green in color, with a pale green streak; in transmitted light it is dichroic with E = emerald green and O = light green. Measured density = 3.18 g/cm3; calculated density of the ideal formula = 3.193 g/cm3. Kambaldaite is a secondary mineral that has been precipitated on fracture surfaces in oxidizing Ni–Fe sulfide ore.

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