The structure is composed of the following structural units: (a) tetrahedral sheets S, with composition (Si 6 O 15 ) (super -6) , characterized by five- and eight-membered rings of silicate tetrahedra, with five tetrahedra pointing in one direction and one tetrahedron pointing in the other direction; (b) three-repeat double chains C, with composition (Si 6 O 16 ) (super -8) and characterized by four- and six-membered rings, made up by pairing two wollastonite chains, which point in opposite directions; (c) octahedral double chains O, formed by two strands of octahedra. These structural units are connected by corner sharing to give the complex layer SOCOS, with composition [Ca 8 (Si 6 O 16 )(Si 6 O 15 ) 2 (H 2 O) 6 ] (super -4) . --Modified journal abstract.

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