Metastudtite occurs at the Shinkolobwe uranium deposit in Shaba, Zaire. It appears as aggregates of flexible pale yellow fibers. Electron microprobe analysis gave UO4 88.1%. H2O by TGA∼ 10%. Formula UO4 · 2H2O. Powder data are similar to those of the synthetic compound and to those of heated studtite (UO4 · 4H2O). Orthorhombic, probable space group Immm, a = 6.51(1), b = 8.78(2), c = 4.21(1)Å, Z = 2, d(calc.) = 4.67 mg/cm3. Strongest lines in the X-ray powder pattern are 5.22 (100)(110), 3.54 (80) (101), 4.38 (50)(020) and 3.79 (50)(011). The mineral is optically biaxial positive, γ = 1.760 (parallel to c, fiber axis), β = 1.658 and α = 1.640. Metastudtite is associated with uranophane, kasolite and hydrated uranium-lead oxides. Metastudtite is compared with studtite and lepersonnite.

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