The crystal structure of dehydrated Na/NH4 exchanged stilbite, (NH4)6.76Na2.45K0.15 Ca0.06Al9.48Si26.52O72 · xH2O; a = 13.57, b = 18.26, c = 11.32Å, β = 126.96° has been refined in space group C2/m. The framework characteristics are consistent with those of the hydrated natural form and the dehydrated hydrogen form. Only slight displacements of the fundamental structural units exist, but 10% breaking of one of the T-O bonds of the T-O-T bridges between them occurs. The cations are located at the six-ring site and the flat eight-ring site, and residual water molecules at the boat-shaped eight-ring. The framework distortions are cation-induced and readily affect the cuboid polyhedron of the framework which is formed by joining adjacent structural units.

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