Based on enthalpies of solution of quartz, low albite, adularia, and gibbsite, solution calorimetric data presently being collected at Lafayette College are in excellent agreement with those from the thermochemistry laboratory of the USGS and other solution calorimetry laboratories. However, calorimetric data collected on this same equipment during its operation at Harvard University prior to 1974 are systematically different from the present results. Electrical resistance associated with lead wires in the heater circuit of the calorimetric system accounts for the discrepancy. As a result, all enthalpies of solution measured on the Harvard system (and incorporated in publications through 1977) must be multiplied by 0.9895. This will enable corrected Harvard data to be used in conjunction with calorimetric data from other laboratories. Rewiring of the heater circuit and tests against a standard resistor have resulted in the better agreement presently observed between Lafayette data and those of other laboratories.

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