In the system CaO–CO2–H2O the reaction CaCO3 + Ca (OH)2 = L occurs at 632±2°C at 1 kbar and at 639±5°C at 9 kbar. These temperatures, which are calibrated against the high-low quartz transition, are 20°C lower than previously reported. The presence of 0.5 wt.% H20 lowers the reaction temperature about 8°C. In the presence of excess H20 the reaction CaCO3 + Ca(OH)2 + V = L takes place at 614±2°C at 1 kbar and at 575±5°C at 9 kbar. The enthalpy of reaction is estimated at 38±8 kJ/mole. These data are useful for temperature calibrations of high pressure apparatus.

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