Parallel 6-rings are linked by 4-rings into the infinite set of ABC-6 nets, and the 98 simplest nets are enumerated. These include the following types: afghanite, cancrinite, chabazite, erionite, gmelinite, levyne, liottite, losod, offretite, sodalite and TMA-E(AB). Unobserved species with fairly simple stacking and high symmetry include AABC, AABCB, AABAB, ABCACB, AABBCCBB, AABCAACB, AABCBBAC, AABABBAB and ABCABACB.

Nets with 4-connected nodes at the vertices of face-sharing Archimedean polyhedra include: sodalite (truncated octahedron [TO]), Type A zeohte (TO and truncated cuboctahedron [TCO]), faujasite (TO and hexagonal prism [H′]), Mobil ZK5 zeohte (TCO and H′), and Esso Rho zeolite (TCO and octagonal prism). Nets with complex connectivity were developed by systematic removal one-by-one of planes of symmetry. Net 214 is related to fluorite by Ca → cube and F → tetrahedron.

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