We have examined experimental data for reactions among anthophyllite, enstatite, forsterite, quartz, talc, and water, using linear programming methods, in order to examine the range of internally consistent thermodynamic data sets that is permitted by the experiments. Phase diagrams calculated using the derived thermodynamic parameters may have all topologies previously proposed to describe the anthophyllite stability field as well as others. Depending upon the experimental data analyzed, phase diagrams in close agreement with calorimetrically measured thermodynamic parameters may have the topology originally proposed by Greenwood (1963) or the topology he sketched (Greenwood, 1971) in revising his original ideas. The experimental data of Chernosky (1976) and Greenwood (1963) appear not to be consistent with the available calorimetrie data for the above minerals within their stated uncertainties. This discrepancy is most easily explained if there exists a major difference between the properties of talcs used in the experiments and that used for calorimetrie measurements or if the calorimetrie measurements are incorrect. A similar difference in the properties of anthophyllite may also be indicated.

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