Reinerite, Zn3(AsO3)2 from Tsumeb, S. W. Africa, is orthorhombic, with cell dimensions a = 6.092(2), b = 14.407(2), с = 7.811(1)A, space group Pbam and Z = 4. The crystal structure has been determined by the symbolic addition method and difference Fourier synthesis and refined by themethod of least squares to an R factor of 0.051 based on 1289 reflections, measured on an automatic single-crystal diffractometer. The standarddeviation in Zn-O and As-О bond lengths is 0.003 and 0.004A and in O-Zn-O and O-As-O angles 0.02°.

The structure of reinerite contains a new type of Zn-tetrahedral double chain, [Zn4O10]∞, with two-tetrahedral repeat and four-membered rings; these double chains are cross-linked into a three-dimensional framework through corner-sharing of a new type of edge-sharing Zn-tetrahedral dimers and two types of trigonal pyramidal arsenite groups. The average Zn-O bond distances within the two independent Zn-O tetrahedra are 1.958 and 1.964A. Both the arsenite groups have the point symmetry m, with average As-0 bond distances 1.776 and 1.771A and average O-As-O bond angles 98.4 and 96.8°.

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