A small blue sub-equant fragment of surinamite measuring 40 microns in average dimension was mounted normal to the {010} plane and prepared for single crystal study using Cu radiation. Owing to the extremely small size of the crystal, long exposure 15° oscillation (eight hours) and Weissenberg (four days) single crystal photographs were required. A baxis rotation photograph, Weissenbergp hotographs of the (h0l), (h1l) and (h2l) planes and one precession photograph (b* horizontal on film) were prepared. Although the diffraction spots were very small, they were sharp and well-resolvedA. ll reflectionsc ould be unambiguously referred to one unit cell. For the observed h0l reflections, h = 2n; for 0k0, k= 2n. No other systematica bsencesw ere observed

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